in response to
Salt Lake City Corporation's
Ceremonial Resolution. 
As concerned residents of Salt Lake City, we are deeply troubled by the lack of acknowledgement and action from our city leaders regarding the ongoing conflict in Gaza. The recent resolution passed by the city council fails to address the urgent humanitarian crisis unfolding in Gaza, where innocent civilians are facing unimaginable suffering due to relentless bombing, blockade, and denial of essential aid.
Salt Lake City, as a community that upholds principles of compassion, justice, and human rights, cannot remain silent in the face of such egregious violations. The Salt Lake City Code of Ethics clearly outlines the responsibility of our city to promote the well-being and safety of all individuals, both within our borders and beyond.
By turning a blind eye to the plight of the people of Gaza, Salt Lake City is effectively condoning the actions of a government that perpetuates violence, terror, and genocide against its own citizens. This is in direct violation of the values and principles that our city claims to uphold.

By failing to stand against the violence and aggression in Gaza, Salt Lake City is effectively sanctioning these atrocities and betraying the trust of its own citizens. This complicity makes our residents feel unsafe, threatened, and betrayed by their own government and elected officials.
Furthermore, the resolution passed by the city council fails to fulfill its duty to protect vulnerable populations, including refugees and displaced persons, who are among the most affected by the conflict in Gaza. By not speaking out against the atrocities being committed, Salt Lake City is complicit in the suffering of innocent civilians and is effectively supporting state-sponsored terrorism.
As residents of Salt Lake City, we demand that our city leaders take immediate action to condemn the violence and aggression in Gaza, and to call for an immediate ceasefire to halt the bloodshed. We call upon the city council to revisit its resolution and to amend it to include explicit condemnation of the human rights abuses occurring in Gaza.
It is our moral obligation as members of this community to stand up against injustice and to advocate for peace, compassion, and human dignity for all people, regardless of their nationality or ethnicity. Salt Lake City must not be complicit in the perpetuation of violence and suffering, but must instead be a beacon of hope, compassion, and justice for all.
This statement is based on the principles outlined in the Salt Lake City Code of Ethics, which emphasizes the city's commitment to promoting the well-being and safety of all individuals, and condemns acts of violence, discrimination, and injustice.

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