Witnessing the destruction of hope, one memory at a time.
Yesterday (please forgive me)
I have no words. ...

Thank you for bringing light…

This breaks my heart, 
and makes me furious…

A brilliantly put-together video.


Changed my life–

made me think, 
"What do I need to do?”

...made me cry.


I’m bawling, and 
I’m furious! 

Thank you for sharing, 
that story needs to be told.

...beautifully sad😭
I had no idea😘
I'm sorry
Please forgive me
Thank you

 I watched your amazing film 
again today. 
I needed to process all 
the emotions I'm feeling. …

poignant film

heartbreaking. 💔 
… What can be done?

incredible and powerful

no words


Breaks my heart! 

shows so much love ... 
an intimate look at Gaza.❤️🙏

Thank you for giving us a glimpse 
of your students' happy life at school 
and a glimpse of the atrocity 
and tragedy that is happening right now. 

you've done a fantastic job 
conveying the pain,…

 I'm crying.

 I have no words. 

Powerful and heartbreaking. 

...powerful and tragic.  
I had no idea.

brought tears to my heart

...humanises what is happening…

absolutely heartbreaking…

Very touching..., and very to the point.

very timely and poignant…

A film that many people 
would appreciate being 
able to view.

love in action…

That is amazing…

...so real

It is powerful and great


Highly recommended.

it makes a difference

Tears stream down my face

After seeing their beautiful, 
wonderful faces and hearing 
their hopeful voices, 
your video makes the 
humanitarian crisis 
even more dire. 

Please leave your reactions, too. 
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